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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the walks?

All services performed by WCDW are scheduled as 25 minute visits.  The visit time begins when we enter your home and ends when we leave.  The outside time and walk distance can vary for each pet depending on their specific needs.  Our goal is to follow the owners' routine as best as possible and maximize the amount of outside time as weather permits.

Do you need keys to my house?

Yes, WCDW requires two sets of keys when used as the preferred method of entry.  If only one set is provided, a $6 duplicate key charge will be applied to your account once we make a copy.  If a key fob is required for entry or if a key cannot be copied, our availability in case of emergency or for last minute requests may be affected.  There is not charge for key pickups or returns.  Keys can also be left with a doorperson as long as they are on duty during visits.

How do I make payments?

Windy City Dog Walkers accepts checks, credit card payments, and PayPal.  Check payments can made to Windy City Dog Walkers Inc. Payments can be made at the beginning or end of the week for any services rendered.  We do not accept cash as payment for services but you may tip your walker in cash.  Statements detailing your walk and payment history can be generated online for any period at any time.

What are Biobags?

Windy City Dog Walkers use Biobags to pick up after your pet. They are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. Biobags biodegrade when in compost environments after 45 days, and are the most environmentally friendly option for pet waste pick up.

Do you walk aggressive dogs?

We do not discriminate against any animal. We would be happy to help and work through any issues you are having with your pet.  By being a calm assertive leader we can gain your dogs trust and can help limit undesirable outbursts by controlling your dogs surroundings and rewarding calm behavior.

Are there a minimum number of walks required per week?

Yes. We do not provide part time service for dog clients. We require two scheduled walks per week to be eligible for "on call" and vacation care service (dogs only).  We do offer part time service and vacation care for our cat and small animal clients but request more flexibility for visit times.

Do you offer services for pets other than dogs and cats?

Yes, we would be happy to help with any household pet, not just cats! Rates for other pets are the same as those for cats, visits are 25 minutes.

Can you administer medication?

Yes. We would be happy to administer any medication during the visit. A walk through from the owner may be needed in some cases.

What is House Sitting?

House Sitting Services are offered for our dog clients. Your walker will stay in your home and basically “fill in” for you in your absence. Your dog will receive three 25 minute walks as well as a short “relief walk” anytime your walker leaves for another appointment or errand. An overnight stay, mail pickup, and plant watering are included.

What is a “regular schedule”?

The regular schedule will be discussed at the initial interview. This weekly schedule will go in automatically every week unless we hear differently from you. If your schedule changes frequently, you can email us weekly or monthly with your schedule instead.

What is your cancellation policy?

As long as your cancellation request is received and confirmed before the walker is on their way to the visit then you will not be charged.

How do I schedule walks?

You can schedule walks by phone, email, and even text message. When adding a visit you will always receive a confirmation. 

Do you work on weekends or holidays?

Yes. Windy City Dog Walkers works everyday of the year and has rates for any hour of the day.

What is licensed, insured, and bonded? 

Windy City Dog Walkers Inc. is Licensed through our incorporation in Illinois to provide pet care service and holds a Chicago business license as well.  We are Insured and Bonded to protect the health of your pet and the safety and security of your home.

What does the insurance cover?

Insurance covers any personal property in our care, custody, and control (including pets) up to $100,000. All other claims are insured up to $1,000,000 with a $2,000,000 aggregate.

Are your walkers background checked?

Yes, applicants are screened for any felony criminal record or any crimes against people or property. Once hired, walkers are continuously monitored by our background check services company.

Are your walkers employees or independent contractors?

Dog walkers working for WCDW are independent contractors, office staff and managers are employees of the company.  All contractors are background checked and covered by the companies insurance, bonding, and workers’ compensation policies as supplemental insurance if they do not carry their own.  In order to provide overnight care and house sitting services greater than 6 consecutive days WCDW must utilize independent contractors.  The Illinois One Day Rest In Seven Act. (820 ILCS 140/) mandates all employees to one day off every week but does not apply to independent contractors.  Independent contractors are allowed to decide for themselves if they would like to work for consecutive periods of 7 days or more.  Employees must track hours, even when paid on commission or by a piece rate.  Billing per hour for house sitting or overnights would result in huge charges and overtime, industry standard is to charge a flat rate for these services. Walkers also incur travel, parking, materials, and other expenses to perform their duties and independent contractor status allows walkers to deduct these expenses and advertise their services independently on sites such as care(dot)com and rover(dot)com.

Do you have more questions?  Email us at
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