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            I just wanted to let you know that we feel so lucky to have Xavier walking our dog Woody every day. I was extremely nervous about getting a dog walker because Woody is my baby and we live in a very busy neighborhood with tons of speeding cars. I don't even trust some family members to walk him around here! I know Xavier takes great care of him and Woody clearly loves him very much. He is extremely sweet with Woody every time he comes in to pick him up and to drop him off. It's so clear that he loves animals and loves Woody. Since having my baby a couple months ago, having a dog walker has helped me so much in that I don't have to worry about giving Woody a long walk every day as I transition into being a new mom. It has been so helpful.
Thank you so much!
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- Michelle & Woody

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            I was very pleased with the dog walking services provided by Windy City Dog Walkers.  The individual dog walkers were awesome and made Cali (my dog) so happy.  I was home multiple times working and every time the walker came in, not even knowing I was in the other room, she would welcome Cali and I could tell Cali loved her.  Overall they were easy to work with, always on time, and able to please my requests.  It is too bad I have moved to the suburbs, I would recommend anyone to have their dog walked by Windy City Dog Walkers.
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- Casey & Cali

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            I just wanted to thank you for the dog-walking services you have provided my boys, Rudy, and now Bosco over the last 4 -5 years. From the start, you built not only a level of trust and comfort with me but with my boys, especially Rudy who had such a strong bond with me. Both boys have always enjoyed their walks with you or one of your staff. You have been very flexible with the schedules we keep and have been there even when it was not easy to do so.

You and your team of dog walkers have made the walks enjoyable and fun for my boys & you are so keen on identifying anything that may be wrong.

My most memorable even was when you took care of Rudy when he began suffering seizures. You stayed with him and comforted him until you knew I could be there with him. You were very kind in your thoughts and words when Rudy needed to go to a place where he would not suffer any more.

Then, Bosco came along….what a totally different personality than Rudy (the sweet well-behaved boy) to Bosco, the goofball. I am not sure who has more fun on his walks (Bosco or his trusty dog-walkers). You helped transition him into his new home and worked with him on his leash manners. He has come a long way and of course, still remains the goofball.

I have and will continue to recommend Windy City Dog Walkers services to future clients because of the quality, level of commitment, trust and genuine caring you have provided to both Rudy and Bosco.

Bosco and I look forward to having you and your team of dog-walkers take Bosco his daily  walks.
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- Jane & Bosco

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            Windy City Dog Walkers has been great for Sammie, our Saint Bernard. She always enjoys her walks, and we know they are taking great care of her. Whether for her daily walks or house-sits, we trust Windy City Dog Walkers unconditionally! And, they have never missed a walk, in the rare case our normal walker can't make it, they've always had a reliable backup.
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- Julie & Sammie 

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            I have had my dog, Leelou, for almost 1 year and have had Kevin at Windy City Dog Walkers walk her for almost 11 months. I have been impressed with the professionalism and care that both Kevin and Tony have always shown me and Leelou.

Kevin provides a daily note after every walk to let me know what time he came, what Leelou did on the walk, as well as some very funny anecdotes of what Leelou sniffed or barked at along the way. In addition, Kevin has taken time to bond with Leelou and has his own special way of greeting her and spoiling her at the end of the walk with a treat and belly rub. In fact, Leelou has now trained me to give her belly rubs while the two of us are sitting on the couch.

In addition to walking Leelou, Kevin has played a significant role in helping me train Leelou. When I first got her she had a lot of aggression toward other dogs while on the leash. Kevin suggested training Leelou to sit and wait at all doors till given the command to go through. This helped establish that both Kevin and myself are dominant and in control. Leelou now sits at all doors without even given the command and her leash aggression is significantly reduced. Beyond training, Kevin has always been willing to work with my schedule, coming later and feeding Leelou if I have a late meeting.

Kevin and Windy City Dog walkers have been a tremendous resource to me in caring for my dog, Leelou. Everyone at Windy City Dog Walkers has always treated us with respect and I know that they truly care about the welfare of my dog. I would highly recommend Windy City Dog Walkers to anyone.
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- Victoria & Leelou

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            I am writing this letter to tell you how pleased we are with the services that your company has been providing.  Dustin has been walking our Jack/Rat Terrier, Abby, since February of 2007. Since he started walking her we have noticed a positive change in her demeanor and attitude. It is obvious that in addition to his 25 minute walks with her, he is teaching her to be more obedient as well. The long walks have given her the chance to socialize with other dogs in the neighborhood and work out some of her hyperactivity. We always look forward to receiving Dustin's positive notes when we return home. We do not worry about Abby at all anymore during the day, knowing that Dustin will be there to check on her. In addition, if we have any problems with Abby we feel 100% confident in contacting you to ask your opinions and get recommendations. It is obvious you have a great knowledge and love for dogs, and that you are passionate about helping people help their dogs.

        When Dustin first started walking Abby she would be afraid to come out of her crate, and now she bounds out at the sound of his voice. Unfortunately, Dustin has now been added to the list of people she has jealousy issues with. When Dustin attempts to pet another dog she barks and gets upset. He is the only other person besides us (her parents!) that she loves so much that she needs all of his attention. This says a lot about the time that Dustin spends with her.

Thank you so much for employing Dustin, and for offering such a great service to us.
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- John, Kris, and Abby

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            We moved to the West Loop earlier this year and have been so lucky to find Windy City Dog Walkers! Every single person that works there is not only very professional but extremely loving to our dog, Jac. It has been such a savior to have an awesome group that we can rely on and know that our dog is well taken care of. The proof has been seeing ourselves how happy our dog is when his walker comes to visit him. At times the other walkers have substituted, and our dog may not know them as well, but you can tell he is very happy to see them too!

I strongly recommend them to anyone that needs a dog walking group!
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- Susan & Jac

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            I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for Windy City Dog Walkers as a client for the past three years. I have found Tony to be very caring and responsible in caring for my dog Scout. I receive a short note every day with her activities of the day, any questions or comments on her health, behavior, or schedule updates when appropriate.
        Recently I have been doing obedience work with Scout and the walkers have been supportive in following the same procedures that I am instilling. Additionally, I know that when Scout is being walked,  they use the obedience commands to make sure that their walks are safe (and fun).
         I know that they have both developed a great relationship with Scout, as she is super excited to run into them on the street when I am walking her.  I am completely satisfied that Scout is getting the best attention possible through Windy City Dog Walkers and I am happy to provide additional information upon request.
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- Nandini & Scout

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